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Why Stress When You Can Leave All The Hard Work To Us.

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Why Stress When You Can Leave All The Hard Work To Us.

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Top 8 Logistics Industry Trends & Innovations In 2022

Best product to import from china

When we talk about sourcing and reselling, the one country that comes to our mind is China. Importing from China has become a very profitable business and there are a variety of arguments to support this.To give you an idea, global e-commerce invoices more than $8 billions annually, with a majority of that turnover coming from the resale of China-sourced products.

Researching for the best items to import from China, buying them & then selling on B2C e-commerce platforms or in physical shops is a common strategy followed by many retailers. From a profit point of view, importing & reselling is a very successful business model, if done correctly.

Working for 30+ years in the China sourcing industry, we frequently get asked questions like “What is the best product I can source from China?” and “What are the most profitable products to import from China?”

We know that some of you may want to source from China but are not sure how to do it. Others may be wondering “Is China still the right place to source wholesale products?” (The short answer is yes.) Others may already be sourcing products from China but are concerned about COVID lockdowns across the country, like the recent one in Yiwu city.

Let’s Start By Answering All Your Questions. . .

What’s In This Blog Post?

Is China still the best place to source from in 2022?
What has changed with the lockdowns?
What still works in China Sourcing?
How do I select the right products to source from China?
How Do I Find the Best Products To Import From China?
How Do I Find Out If a Product Is Profitable?

Is China Still The Best Place To Source From In 2022?

Over the years, China has successfully built itself as the ultimate global manufacturing hub. According to a Global Sourcing Report conducted by QIMA, China is still the top sourcing destination for 47% of US and EU buyers.

From the logistics point of view, China enjoys a few advantages over other countries, like:

  • Great supply chain ecosystem
  • Skilled & Cheap labor
  • Strong government backing – The prices are very competitive because of the local government’s management of its trade ecosystem
  • Dominant reserves of rare earth metals – a collection of minerals that are indispensable to countless advanced technologies
  • Good capital base

What Has Changed With The Lockdowns?

As factories in China face uncertain lockdown risks, delays can happen at any time if you are sourcing products from China. Still, for many best-selling brands, China is the top place in the world to source from right now. Why?

  1. Most countries don’t have it all —  raw materials, experience, cheap labor, and technology — to replace the scope of China’s manufacturing.
  2. China’s manufacturing sector is literally “too big to fail”.


Traditionally one of the best ways to source products from China was to physically go to China and visit the factory, meet with suppliers, and attend trade shows like the Canton Fair. As of right now, China’s borders are virtually closed, which means you cannot do these things and need to rely on remote sourcing methods.
A good example of this is our Virtual Yiwu Market Tour. In view of current lockdowns, Logistics 9 has started offering virtual tours through whatsapp with a dedicated account manager. All you have to do is make an appointment via email (inquiries@logistics-9.com) or phone/whatsapp (+8613676803399), and our sales consultant will confirm the schedule and note down your items of interest. Then all you have to do is tour the factories in Yiwu market from the comfort of your home or office!

What Still Works?

You can still hire someone “on the ground” in China to find and get in touch with suppliers, collect samples, negotiate prices, manage the manufacturing process, build relationships and deal with any issues that come up. Check out our guide on how to find the right Yiwu sourcing agent for your business here!

To ensure that you don’t get scammed, we would suggest you select a platform that has been in business for at least a few decades, operates from multiple China locations, guarantees product quality and can afford low charges, like China Techmarket. We’ve been successfully sourcing from CTM for all our China electronics requirements for years now, as it ticks all the boxes.

China is the #1 manufacturer in the world. On the whole, even though you can get products made in other countries, China represents the lion’s share of the world’s manufacturing. So, in this post, we will be talking about the most profitable products that you can import from China.

How Do I Select The Right Products To Source From China?

Well, all you have to do is pay attention to some key points. When selecting products to import from Yiwu or any China market, make sure they are:

  • Convenient to use
  • Low cost
  • Innovative
  • In High demand
  • Have a High-profit margin
  • Have a High sales frequency


To help you get started, we have curated a list of top 10 affordable & most profitable items to import from China:


The product type you choose decides your product profit margin. But it does not mean you will make high profits just by choosing high-profit products. Other factors like cost, sales volume, demand rates, product popularity & market preferences would influence your business as well. Therefore, we took into account all these factors when selecting the products for this list. Most of these products or their components are often mass-produced, which helps to bring the cost down when sourced wholesale.

  • Phone Accessories

Mobile phone accessories are one of the fastest selling products to import from China. They might be small objects but have a massive demand in the market. In case you are starting with limited procurement costs and are a beginner importer, mobile phone accessories are always a safe choice.
For example, let’s consider Tempered Glass Phone Screen Protectors. The China wholesale price of phone protector glass is about $0.10-$1 (per unit), while their price in popular online retail stores is around $10 – $14 (per unit), so you can make significant profits by selling them as a retailer.

  • Electronics

China is the market leader in producing various types of electronics gadgets from smartphones & computers to smart wearables & audio accessories, largely owing to its high rare earth metals reserves.
Currently, the most popular electronic devices to source from China are audio gadgets like earphones & speakers. Music enthusiasts love to buy innovative models at affordable prices.
Audio electronics are very easy to sell and offer a large profit margin. Therefore, they are considered a top product to import from China.
CTM  is our go-to for China electronics of any kind; however, they’re considered an expert at sourcing audio gadgets from their wide-spread network in 5 major Chinese cities of Yiwu, Shantou, Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Check out their exciting variety of premium, innovative music accessories, from branded bluetooth & true wireless earphones to customizable headphones, here.

  • Stationery Items

Stationery items are one of the top high demand items to import from China. Did you know that China is amongst the top manufacturers and exporters of pens worldwide? For example, gift pens are particularly popular products there for brand promotion and marketing. They are a cost-effective means for advertisement and are an in-demand China import item among the business community.
Gift pens which can meet the customization requirements of importers are made of metal or plastic — Plastic gift pens are priced at around $0.04-$0.1 (per unit), whereas metal gift pens are available at $0.14-$1 (per unit). So, even if you have a sourcing budget of $1000, you can still purchase promotional pens from China while not worrying about MOQs.

  • Kitchen Tools

Demand for kitchen appliances and tools never wanes, and they are one of the most profitable products to import from China. Even people who don’t cook need to use wine glasses, rice bowls, ziplock bags, corkscrews, knives etc. Plus their accessible prices can leave significant profit margins.
Take chocolate molds as an example. You can find a good set of silicone molds on Amazon for around $16 , but their wholesale prices start from as low as $0.3.

China Sourcing Kitchen Tools with Logistics Support
  • Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories of all kinds, including items like handbags, sunglasses, scarves, earrings, bracelets, etc. have been the most popular products to import from Yiwu, China for a while – cheap prices, unbeatable variety,and ever-growing demand being the prime factors.
Generally, their cost/wholesale prices (as provided by China suppliers & manufacturers) are low, and their retail prices (as provided by Amazon) are fashionably high. Let’s take scrunchies or hair ties for example. Their wholesale price (per unit) is about $0.1 – $2.5, and the retail sale price is anywhere around $5 – $14.
Yiwu is the best market in China for importing fashion accessories. And if you’re planning to source from Yiwu, look no further than Logistics 9 – the best reliable Yiwu agent in the world! Says who? The global importers who voted for us 3 years in a row as the “ Best Yiwu Agent”  in the Importers’ Choice Awards 2020 – 22!

China Sourcing Fashion Accessories from China Manufacturers, Suppliers
  • Children’s Toys

We frequently get many inquiries regarding the wholesale price of kids’ toys like building blocks, puzzles, board games, soft toys, etc. The low prices, wide variety and availability of Chinese toys is a huge selling point for customers and manufacturers compared to toys produced domestically.
There are numerous factories in Yiwu that produce popular children’s toys, (including electronic toys) at low costs, so you can choose kids’ toys as one of the affordable products to import from China.

Import Children's Toys Wholesale from China Manufacturers, Suppliers


It’s time for some tips for finding the best profitable items to import from China!


Tip #1: Do Your Research

If this is your first time importing, it’s crucial to learn about your target customer. Consider details like geography, product restrictions, domestic trends & preferences, and customs clearance when doing your research.

Tip #2: Select The Best Agent / Supplier

After you get an idea about your target market, it’s time to find the right sourcing agent for your business. After all, selecting a supplier is one of the most important decisions you will make as an importer.
There are numerous factors involved in choosing the right China sourcing agent, and we’ve clarified them for you in this quick read of a blog post.

Tip #3 : Find A Product In High Demand

The key to a successful import business is finding the right product to sell. You can start with low-risk goods that sell in almost any type of market, such as kids’ toys, electronics and fashion accessories. Once you get experience, you can always expand to high-risk goods.
Plus, we’ve made it simple to find any products you want to source. Whether you’re planning to sell offline, through your own ecommerce website, or on a popular online retail store, follow these steps to find and source the most popular products to import from China:

Step 1: Browse and download the images of the products you wish to import. You can also note down product specifications.
Step 2: Save our whatsapp/wechat (+8613676803399) or email (inquires@logistics-9.com); and send us the product details you collected in Step 1 (images, product specs, or both) via your preferred mode.
Step 3: Within 24 hours, our dedicated Relationship Manager will send you a customized list of quotations, prepared as per your desired items.

How Do I Find Out If A Product Is Profitable?

Good question.

Here’s how you can find out if a product imported from China is profitable or not:

Step 1: After you send us your desired product details following the above steps, you’ll receive a quote from our RM.

Step 2:  Estimate the total purchase price of your product. Which will be: Basic Purchase Price + Other shipping & customs expenses.

Step 3: Go to Amazon or a popular eCommerce website of your country. Search the same product there & note it’s selling price.

Step 4: Calculate the estimated profit of that product by subtracting the total purchase cost of your product arrived at Step #2 from the selling price arrived at Step #3.

Note: This would be your gross profit. To calculate the net profits, you’ll have to take into account & deduct operational expenses like warehouse rent, employee salaries, etc.
If you’re planning to import a product but have doubts about the same, you can always send us your queries on inquiries@logistics-9.com and we’ll respond ASAP.
Importing products and raw materials from China contributes to the local production & sale of many goods in most countries. If this production were to stop, it could potentially impact multiple businesses — disrupting the global supply chain.
Thus, the Chinese market has great potential to obtain greater profitability, especially if you are clear about the type of products you want to import. If you are still not sure, you can start with products that are in high demand and in trend, such as those mentioned above to reduce the risks of selling.
Of course, the easiest way is to have the support of an expert sourcing agent & logistics partner, such as Logistics 9, since it allows you to save costs, time, and effort.

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