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Why Stress When You Can Leave All The Hard Work To Us.

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Why Stress When You Can Leave All The Hard Work To Us.

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Yiwu Market

Welcome to our all-encompassing guide to Yiwu Market, a bustling trade hub located in China. This guide is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about Yiwu like where to start and which Chinese products to import; it also answers all your questions about sourcing & product procurement. Whether you’re a business owner looking to source wholesale merchandise, a buying agent on the hunt for unique items, or simply curious about this renowned market, we’ve got you covered. From up-to-date information on navigating the maze-like alleys to uncovering unique items, we’re here to be your trusted partner.

Although it’s a tempting option for many businesses, bulk buying from Yiwu market suppliers is a complicated process that requires lots of planning and relationship building; and knowing certain facts beforehand will make your product sourcing process smoother. That’s why we have created this complete guide to answer all possible questions you may have about Yiwu and importing from China in general.

What is Yiwu Market?

Well-known for its commodity products, Yiwu market is the world’s largest wholesale market for small commodities. Formed in the 1970s, the market has now grown into 5 “districts” comprising around 70000+ shops in total. Get a quick overview of Yiwu’s 5 districts right here.

Yiwu market suppliers focus on every niche imaginable, from home decor to hair extensions, kitchen appliances to kids toys and everything in between; with each outlet displaying a few dozen to hundred items. Explore curated products from Yiwu on our products page.

When was Yiwu market formed?

Back in the early 1980s, China’s Yiwu county saw the birth of a unique idea – a marketplace that would change the game. Starting small as the Hu Qing Men Market, it grew faster than anyone could have guessed, going from a few hundred stalls to over 10,000 in just a decade.

Then, in the 2000s, it stepped onto the world stage, becoming one of the biggest markets for everyday goods and attracting thousands of international bulk buyers daily. Fast forward to today, Yiwu Market has expanded to more than 80,000 stalls, including the famous Futian Market complex, offering millions of products and raking in a whopping $10 billion in annual revenue.

Where is Yiwu market located?

Nestled in the Central Zhejiang province, Yiwu is a vibrant city situated in the eastern part of China. If you are an importer planning on traveling to China for procurement, a vital factor to consider is the proximity of Yiwu Market to the country’s commercial hubs:

Distance of Yiwu from Beijing: 1422 km 

Distance of Yiwu from Guangzhou: 1174 km

Distance of Yiwu from Shenzhen: 1204 km

Distance of Yiwu from Shanghai: 284 km

How to reach Yiwu market?

Yiwu boasts a well-connected airport with multiple train & bus options, making travel incredibly convenient. Moreover, it’s the starting point for European urban train container transport and is located near both its own and Ningbo’s shipping ports.

If you’re planning a product-buying trip to Yiwu, feel free to reach out to us for seamless support. Being massive, the market is organized into different sections and is difficult to navigate for newcomers. Most Yiwu suppliers also have limited or zero English or Spanish language skills. The difficulty in navigating the markets combined with language barriers is why many importers prefer to hire a guide. An Yiwu market guide will help you :

  • Navigate the market like a pro
  • Translate and negotiate with shopkeepers
  • Photograph and document products you’re interested in
  • Consolidate shipments and arrange shipping

Visiting Yiwu Virtually

If visiting China in person is not feasible for you, worry not – there’s a way to engage with and shop from Yiwu market from anywhere in the world. You can book a virtual Yiwu market tour with Logistics 9’s virtual tour guide services. All you have to do is make an appointment via email (inquiries@logistics-9.com) or phone/whatsapp/wechat (+8613676803399), and our sales consultant will confirm the schedule and note down your items of interest. This is the easiest way to tour Yiwu remotely from the comfort of your home or office!

How big is the Yiwu market?

The Yiwu market isn’t just a place; it’s a mini universe sprawling over 7 km, roughly 5 million square meters of commercial wonderland. To paint a picture, that’s like having an entire city just for shopping! Within this market, you’ll find a staggering 75,000+ stores, cleverly organized into 5 distinct districts, each dedicated to specific categories. We’ve made it easy for you to explore Yiwu’s districts and the products on offer in detail here.

How to Avoid Bad Yiwu Agents?

When engaging with Yiwu Agents, equipping yourself with insights into their common practices can help ensure a secure product sourcing experience, allowing you to obtain products at the most favorable prices. When dealing with import agents, it’s handy to know some of their common tricks to stay safe and source Chinese products at the best prices.

Trick #1  Switching Suppliers:

Due to the abundance of suppliers in the Yiwu market, some sourcing agents will choose the one that offers the cheapest prices. To make the process even profitable, they will constantly switch suppliers throughout your contract. The result? You can never be sure of the quality of the products nor the overall consistency of your order.

Trick #2 Receiving Kickbacks From Suppliers:

Some Yiwu suppliers in the market offer commissions to certain import agents. The agents then source their products from these suppliers, no matter the quality or price of the products they offer.

One of the biggest challenges you can face when you import from China is product quality, as consumers are often doubtful about the quality of made in China goods. But at Logistics 9, we import only premium quality products at affordable prices. We do this by making sure to source items from only those suppliers which adhere to the highest standard of professionalism and quality. Our team evaluates the China factories for their manufacturing capabilities so that we can match our customers with products that meet their expectations. Though unbelievably nominal prices make way for unbelievable deals, we only handpick the best products from the top Yiwu suppliers.

What’s the difference between factory outlets and distributors?

In Yiwu, a mere 20% of suppliers operate as direct factory or manufacturer outlets. While direct factories can be advantageous for larger quantities, they might not be the ideal choice when dealing with smaller quantities. This is where distributors come into play, and it’s a crucial distinction that sets us apart from platforms like Alibaba.

When quantities are limited, a distributor becomes an attractive option due to their ability to provide lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) and deliver elevated quality service. This proves to be immensely beneficial for small-scale buyers. Unlike some online platforms & Yiwu agents, we bridge this gap by offering you the convenience of working directly with China factories and manufacturers, cutting out unnecessary middlemen and ensuring a streamlined process that caters to your specific needs.

Why is Yiwu Better Than Other Marketplaces in China?

You can find the following advantages when you purchase directly from Yiwu instead of going to the Canton Fair, other Chinese wholesale markets or shopping off online marketplaces like Alibaba:

  • The biggest benefit Yiwu markets have over Canton fair are the small order quantities. At Yiwu, rarely will you be quoted more than 50 pieces for an MOQ, whereas at the Canton fair you have to order at least 10 or 100 times higher quantities.
  • The common China sourcing strategy is to bulk buy several Chinese products from different shops and have them all shipped together in one shipment. With online marketplaces, like Alibaba, you may be able to buy any number of pieces from a single buyer but you can’t buy multiple items from multiple buyers as easily as you can at Yiwu.
Can I buy products from the Yiwu market online?

Yes, absolutely. We offer you the convenience of a virtual Yiwu market experience through our virtual market tours, wherein you can explore the market without leaving your location. Navigate our curated websites or catalog to browse through a wide range of made in China products. Once you’ve identified your requirements, simply inform us, and we’ll take care of the entire process from sourcing to delivery. You can accomplish your product sourcing needs efficiently without the need to personally visit the market.

Can I source products directly from China factories without paying sourcing charges?

Absolutely. With us, you can source from China factories without paying any sourcing charges. We believe in transparency and fairness, which is why we don’t charge any sourcing fees. By working directly with us, you eliminate unnecessary middlemen from the equation – this allows you to access factory prices, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment.

Can I get product catalogs & samples from Yiwu market?

Most Yiwu shops won’t offer you catalogs, usually because of trend updates, fast stock turnovers and too many available varieties. Most vendors also don’t offer samples easily. Whether you can get samples depends on how “genuine” you are, how much sample fee you are willing to pay, and your business relations with the supplier. This is where a China sourcing partner with a strong network and market experience comes in handy and makes the process smoother for you. 

To get a better sense of the products available, you can access our latest catalog here.

Which Chinese products Can I Import from Yiwu Market?

Apart from China, no other country has a wholesale market like Yiwu. With around 75,000 shops, the market sells almost every single commodity you can think of. There’s an entire floor for home decor items, a whole district dedicated to fashion apparel & accessories, and too many outlets for stationery products. Yiwu’s slogan is “a city of small commodities” — think relatively inexpensive, mass-market items like kitchen gadgets & mobile accessories, artificial jewelry, festive & home decorations, gifting items, suitcases & bags, kids toys, school supplies, etc.

Deciding on which products to bulk buy from Yiwu suppliers can be a stressful task for beginner importers. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Top 10 Profitable Products To Buy at Yiwu Market in 2023!

To enhance your product browsing experience, we have also meticulously curated 5 websites tailored to popular product segments. Feel free to explore them below!

Artificial Jewelry & Fashion Accessories

Kids Toys, Games & more

Home Decor, Home Appliances & Housekeeping

Kitchen Gadgets, Cookware, Cleaning Products & more

Fashion, Hardware, Pet Supplies & other merchandise

Still uncertain about your import choices? Our flexible, minimum order quantity approach lets you begin with as few as 2-3 merchandise cartons, enabling you to test the waters and gradually transition to larger bulk orders when you’re ready!

What price range can I expect in Yiwu? Are there any opportunities for discounts?

Unlike the familiar FOB quotations you normally get in USD, prices quoted by Yiwu market suppliers are EXW YIWU prices. EXW or Ex works is a shipping arrangement in which a seller makes a product available at a specific location, but the buyer has to pay the transport costs. In simple terms, this means your products’ Yiwu price covers all costs (product cost + freight) till the products are delivered to a warehouse in Yiwu; and you will need to pay the costs from the said Yiwu warehouse to your own warehouse.

When you inquire about an item at Yiwu market, you’ll find that prices are relatively fixed. Even if you’re bulk buying an entire container of goods, you can expect a 5-10% discount at most.

Partnering with Logistics 9 you don’t have to worry about these minute calculations, negotiations and discounts, as we handle it all for you. We not only help you with product sourcing but take care of all global logistics operations — right up to the final delivery at your location.

Why Do I Need a Yiwu Agent when sourcing from China?

You might ask, why do I even need an import agent? The answer is simple: hiring an agent makes the entire China sourcing process easier and simpler for you. When sourcing from China, having a Yiwu agent who can supervise your sourcing process on site is essential due to several factors: unreliable factories that might not meet quality standards, the risk of slack work from laborers when not closely monitored, and the possibility of factories cheating clients. A competent Yiwu agent ensures these challenges are addressed, making their role a necessity rather than an option.

Unless you are based in China and have a dedicated team to manage Yiwu suppliers full time, partnering  with an agency becomes mandatory. Even if you’re in China and are able to visit the market you may find that many Yiwu suppliers cannot speak English or Spanish. After the purchase, you’ll realize you don’t have a warehouse to collect all the orders and there isn’t anyone to inspect your orders directly. Moreover, experienced agencies like us also help you get the best deals and stunning discounts, as they are in direct connection with different Yiwu market suppliers.

What are the Pros & Cons of Hiring a Yiwu Agent?

A reliable and efficient import agent makes all the difference when importing from China. An ideal agency will understand your needs and then plan your import process. However, a bad agency can do the exact opposite and be detrimental to your business. 

The downsides of hiring an agent become evident only when you’ve chosen the wrong fit. Despite their promising claims, many Yiwu agents often prove to be inadequate — lacking authenticity, experience, connections, or even proper warehousing facilities. But don’t stress, we’ve prepared an exclusive guide to help you find your perfect China sourcing agent!

How do you make it possible to source without sourcing charges?

Our unique approach is rooted in over 30 years of experience in the China sourcing industry. Leveraging our extensive network and deep-rooted relationships with factories and manufacturers in China, we negotiate deals that cut out the middlemen. This not only saves you from extra costs but also guarantees that you’re benefiting from our years of expertise in securing the best deals in the market.

What makes Logistics 9 better than other Yiwu agents?

Our strength is transparency. We ensure you pay genuine factory prices with no hidden expenses. Unlike most Yiwu agents, our sourcing service is free of charge. Furthermore, we manage logistics comprehensively, offering unique add-ons like branding, digital marketing, off site inspections, website development, and customs clearance – all in one place, an advantage you won’t easily find elsewhere.

How can I effectively communicate with Chinese suppliers who might not speak fluent English?

Navigating language barriers can indeed be a challenge when dealing with suppliers who may not be fluent in English. However, to make your experience seamless, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re comfortable with English, Spanish or any other language our translation services ensure clear and effective communication with your Chinese suppliers. Rest assured, language won’t be a barrier when you’re exploring Yiwu Market with us. Know more about our translation services here.

Where can I get more information on Yiwu market?

For more in-depth information about Yiwu Market, you have a variety of resources at your fingertips. Feel free to browse through the dedicated pages on our website, where we’ve curated valuable insights to help you make the most of your Yiwu experience. Additionally, our blog is a treasure trove of articles that cover everything from trending made in China products to import for your shop to the latest market trends, invaluable sourcing tips, and much more.

And if you’re looking for personalized guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team – reach us at +8613676803399 or inquiries@logistics-9.com — we’re here to answer your queries and provide assistance tailored to your specific needs.

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